SAJ has specialized for more than 30 years in the design, servicing, manufacture, modification, repair, installation and inspection of safety and survival equipments for military, coastguard and civilian aerospace markets, and 5 years experience in marine and offshore dealings.

Our Mission

Become the worldwide leader in aerospace, marine and oil and gas distribution services by surpassing both customer and supplier needs for competitive and innovative supply chain solutions. We intend to meet our business objectives by increasing our efficiency and skills.

Extensive Parts Inventory

Our unique and extensive parts inventory and network assures you that SAJ keeps your aircraft operational and ready.

Advanced Computer Systems

Our wide knowledge in sourcing has developed us to have better network, trading, product history and the ability to cross reference.

Customer-Oriented Workforce

Our employees keeps abreast of market trends to provide, in a timely manner, top quality products and services at the best price.