A huge amount of steam is created when a chemical reaction happens when the FLAMOFF Throwable Extinguisher comes in contact with the fire, these gases (carbon dioxide) and steam mixture will instantly extinguish a fire. It also cools a surface that was on fire to create a safe escape route.

When come into contact with fire the FLAMOFF Throwable Extinguisher creates a mixture of steam over five thousand times its original volume. This steam will dispel oxygen from the area and extinguish the fire. The steam created will also absorb heat and cools down the area.

The product is not harmful to the environment and living organisms, what’s best is that the solution can be mixed with water (1:20) and be used as fertilizer for plants.

The chemical reaction occurred between the fire and FLAMOFF that creates the steam will neutralize the intense smoke and considerably reduce the smoke created by fire.

No, do not do so as the hot oil will spread fire as a result of its splatter. You can however wet a kitchen towel with FLAMOFF Throwable Extinguisher solution and cover it to stop the fire.

Yes, the shelf life of FLAMOFF Throwable Extinguisher is 3 years and it is also maintenance free, (does not require check-up)

Yes, in emergency situations it is recommended that you mix the solution with a 1:8 ratio to cover a larger area.

The coverage of the product is 7 cubic meters or 250 cubic feet for a standard 650ml package.

A traditional fire extinguisher is packaged in a pressurized container, it is heavy, bulky, and not suited for children and ladies to use, especially in an emergency when panic sets in. It also needs to be used in a close range. It does not have a cooling effect, and what’s worse is that it creates a hazy atmosphere hindering the sight for at least 30 seconds. It also requires annual checking by the authorities.

The FLAMOFF Throwable Extinguisher is however, easy to use as it is light weight a child can use it. It is also portable and can be carried. FLAMOFF Throwable Extinguisher also cools down the temperature of the room, eliminates smoke without hindering sight and visibility. Can be used to secure escape routes if the fire to too big. It is also eco-friendly and non-hazardous. What’s best is that it is also maintenance free.