Throwable Fire Extinguisher


FLAMOFF Throwable Fire Extinguisher is a handy portable fire extinguisher that is suited for controlling fires long enough for a safe escape and stopping sma 1 fires
During initial stages of a fire, most of them can be controlled easily. Although this is the case, over 90% of homes in the world are not equipped with a fire extinguisher. The cause? Not everyone knows how to use a traditional fire extinguisher, especially when panic sets in.
Flamoff is definitely the better alternative in stopping initial fires by creating an economical, environment and user friendly throw-type fire extinguisher.

Say YES to FLAMOFF Throwable... WHY ?

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2 in 1

It extinguishes and slows the spread of fires.

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User Friendly

Women, Children, Elderly and even Physically Challenged Individuals can use FLAMOFF Throwable with its ease of use.

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Easy to use

No special training required.
Just, hold firmly, aim.... and throw!.

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Maintenance Free

No yearly maintenance like conventional fire extinguishers. It also has a lifespan of three years.

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Eco Friendly

Environment friendly. Safe for the environment. It can also be used as an alternative fertilizer upon expiration.

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Its portable, can be carried around and does not use much space.