The Hawk Aircraft Brake Parachute is used to slow the aircraft on landing to allow it to land on short runways and landing strips.

• IrvinGQ are the Design Organisation (DO) and the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of this parachute.
• IrvinGQ is the only authorised manufacturer of this parachute, supplying them direct to BAE Systems, the aircraft manufacturer, and the user Air Forces who operate the aircraft.

Parachute Type Aircraft Brake
Assembly Part Number MRIGQ1601
Parachute Part Number GQD18166
Parachute Type 6 band Ring Slot
Parachute Flying Dia 2.64m (8.7ft)
Number of Gores 30
Number of rigging lines 30
Parachute Construction Ribbon Ring Slot
Deployment Method Vane Auxiliary
Max Deployment Speed 160 knots
Max number of streams 50
Total Life 10 years or 50 streams

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