Flyer's Coverall, Nomex - CWU-27/P
LSI P/N: CLO-1000-00 (Sage Green)

These aviator flight coveralls, CWU-27/P, are one piece garments fabricated from flame retardant Nomex* synthetic fabric with no hot melt point drip characteristics. The lightweight (4.2 ounce / square yard) fabric will not support combustion, but will begin to char at 700 to 800 degrees Fahr-enheit. MIL-C-83131 A.

Colors Available : Sage Green, Navy Blue, Desert Tan, Orange, Black.

Anti- Exposure Suit, U-Zip-It™
LSI P/N: CLO-1404-00

The U-Zip-It™ is a breathable, fire resistant dry suit which provides ultimate comfort and mobility for aviators, along with the highest level of cold water immersion protection. The low slung zipper makes donning easier than standard designs and the articulating elbow and knee patches significantly improves movement - in and out of the aircaft.

Colors Available : Sage Green, Orange, Black.

Anti- Exposure Aviation Coverralls
Models Available

MAC-10......Constant Wear Aviation Coverall
MAC-100.....Breathable Constant Wear Aviation Coverall
MSF-300.....Tactical Aircrew Dry Suit System
MSD-575.....Tactical Operation Dry Suit

Colors Available : Sage Green, Orange, Black.