The Silhouette Parachute Assembly is a lightweight, slim profile back/seat type specifically designed for use in gliders and light aircraft.

Operation is by manual ripcord pull and the canopy is deployed "lines first" by a pilot parachute. The canopy is a 4.8 m Aeroconical Type comprising 20 gores bias constructed with 20 rigging lines. Three net panels located at the rear of the canopy provide drive and turn. Control is via the rear lift webs.

The pack is a back/seat combination with a slim, contoured profile The back pad incorporates a pump up bladder assembly to support the lumbar region during prolonged flight.

Part No MRI GQ 1458
Maximum all up weight 115 kg (254 lb)
Maximum deployment speed 278 km/h (150 kts)
Maximum opening altitude 3658 m (12000 ft) AMSL
Rate of descent:
All up weight 77 kg (170 lb) 5.8 m/s (19 f/s)
All up weight 115 kg (254 lb) 7.0 m/s (23 f/s)
Forward speed:
All up weight 77 kg (170 lb) 3.3 m/s (11 f/s)
Rate of turn 360 deg in 6 secs
Pack dimensions 1270 x 380 x 60 mm
Assembly weight 7.5 kg (16.5 lb)

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