4-Man Raft
6-Raft w/ canopy

The HARD-6 is a unique Life Raft system, designed to provide total protection of the onboard life raft. It may be rigged for air drop capability, enabling the aircrew to also use the raft for rescue of others in the water. The concept was initially designed with the US Special Forces 160th SOAR(A) on board MH-60 Blackhawk configuration, however the HARD raft can be easily modified for other applications.


  • • Life Raft, 6 Person capacity (FAA TSO C70a type II Approved)
  • • Dimension: Length 21" x Width 16" x Height 8 ½"
  • • Weight: 42 lbs. (with survival items) 35 lbs. (without survival items)
  • • Capable of deployment by 1 person via single point release
  • • Easily transported by 1 person (Handle mounted on case)
  • • Life Raft is protected from exposure to foreign matter, abrasions & punctures
  • • Life Raft Vacuum Packaged to decrease Maintenance cycles & maintenance costs
  • • Life Raft suspension system will withstand a 30-G load force on all axis
  • • Installation on Aircraft will not adversely affect Weight & Balance
  • • Life Raft Canister finished to maximize or minimize visibility as required
  • • Capable of airdrop (optional)