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MODEL MK-46 SV(M) Military

The MK-46 SV(M) is an integrated life preserver/ survival vest (SV) system which incoporates an inflatable life preserver, modular survival vest and lowering device. A mesh vest provides a platform for the integration of the life preserver, equipment pockets, hoisting/lifting becket and aircrew restraint harness.

The MK-46SV(M) includes equipment pockets specifically designed to carry essential survival accessories such as radio, H.E.E.D, flares, etc. The equipment pockets are installed via combination of snap and velcro fasteners permitting easy removal of any accessory.
The flotation system consists of a dual cell (two independent chambers) bladder, constructed in accordance with MIL-C-83489, providing 52 pounds of buoyancy. The bladder is yoke style which will ensure that an unconscious aviator will float head up out of the water and will also self-right a survivor after inflation. Inflation is activated with a manual inflation system, utilizing 25 gram CO2 cylinders for each chamber. Backup oral inflation is provided for each chamber, as well.

Note: Auto inflation is available as an option.

The flotation bladder is encased in a durable rubber-coated nylon cloth .The life preserver is attached to the shell via lacing permitting easy removal.

The personal lowering device is designed to aid air crew personnel to lower themselves to the ground should their parachute canopy become entangled in tall trees during a parachute decent. With the aid of the lowering device, aircrew can lower themselves from tree heights up to 200 feet above the ground. The lowering device is fitted within the back cushion of the MK-46SV(M) Aircrew Survival Vest. To utilize the device the crewman attaches the device to himself and to the entangled parachute riser assembly. Once connected, he releases himself from the entangled parachute and with the use of the descender mechanism, the crewman lowers himself to the ground.